What is TwoPoint0?

Wendy Rosen, who began as an editor at New York's Mad River Post, owned her own editorial boutique, Three Fingered Louie, before moving back into staff positions at Red Car and Jump. Two years ago she was given the opportunity to Executive Produce KIND and she welcomed the chance to get back into a more managerial role. Her latest venture, TwoPoint0 is the answer to a changing world in post production.

"TwoPoint0 is a new way of doing business. Providing clients and agencies with a creative and seamless post production experience is our goal. We're nimble and changing how we offer post production services, not what we offer." Rosen says.
TwoPoint0 is a collective wherein creative editors can feel as though they have a home. It is an answer to the constantly shifting advertising/post-production landscape where more and more highly experienced, talented creative individuals are finding themselves in the freelance world, yet still desire administrative, production and promotional support.

TwoPoint0 takes the post-production model a step beyond the previous four-walling concept. We provide an executive producer and all the staff-support needed for a flawless experience. Our producer actively represents editors in the collective, assessing upcoming jobs in the marketplace and determining a complimentary editor for a particular project or client.

Envision a new working model and a company, a collective, that is flexible, nimble and ready to meet the challenges of today's advertising, production and post-production market. To borrow a Marshall McLuhan analogy, we're no longer looking into the rearview mirror of the industry, but focusing our attention on the road ahead.

The goal and mission of TwoPoint0 is to create more opportunities for freelance editors while offering greater flexibility to clients by customizing each project to their needs, from conception to completion, with an eye towards comfort and convenience in the process.

Ready to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving industry, putting the work first, providing all the technical expertise, creativity and passion every project demands.

a creative collective of editors

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